Now available in Wholefoods Market stores UK!

Are you looking for a dog treat that's healthy, low fat, delicious, 100% natural? Then you've come to the right place. Award winning Soopa chews were created out of a passion to make healthy and nutritious treats fun and innovative for your dog. 

Dogs love the natural flavours of papaya, sweet potato and coconut and by using our special drying process we make it easy for your dog to get their 5 a day. Do you love to spoil your dog with treats but worry they may become overweight? Well good news Soopa chews are low in fat and can actually help support healthy weight management. Finally a treat you can feed your dogs guilt free!

soopa papaya

As a pet nutritionist I am always in search of great products and treats that fall under the super food label. Most treats are highly processed, loaded with poor ingredients, poor proteins and sometimes high protein values when all we should be feeding our dogs are raw, unadulterated, fresh foods. Soopa ticks all of these boxes for me. They are all low in fat, contain natural sugars with immune supporting effects, easily fed to dogs when on a low protein and low fat diet and provide other healthful effects like no other products on the market. Dehydrated and raw foods are the newest trends within the market and for good reason...they preserve a product's nutritional value whilst still offering a good shelf life. Soopa truly is innovative with core values I look for and identify with. I always recommend them and will continue to do so! 
Alison Daniel, Pet Nutritionist